Financial Health

Financial health refers to how you manage your financial resources. Being in good financial health means that you are able to cover all costs of living for yourself and your family, contribute to maintaining community services (usually through tax payments), and save for unexpected expenses. Engaging in healthy financial practices while reducing risk factors for disease helps you enjoy a fulfilling life for as long as possible.

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Health Insurance

Health care in the United States is an interesting industry because the services that a person receives are NOT paid by the person receiving the service. Instead they are paid by a third party, i.e. another person outside of the relationship between the service provider and the service consumer. This is unusual because in most other industries, the consumer pays the service-provider directly. Utilizing third-party payment programs requires that both the service provider and the service recipient adhere to policies regarding payment that are determined by the third-party payer. Stay informed about limitations on your insurance coverage.

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Evaluation & Management

The process of Evaluation and Management (E/M), which relies upon a system of relative "values" associated with different aspects of care management, is the process used by health care providers to used to translate their actions -- the services they provide -- into a numeric code to for the purposes of billing. Different services are assigned a numeric CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code depending upon the complexity of the activity, which is determined using criteria set forth by the American Medical Association. Complexity refers to how complicated, difficult, and/or time consuming a service is to perform.

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Covered Services

"Covered services" refers to costs for services that your health insurer will pay. Covered services for naturopaths in Vermont all services delineated in their scope of practice by the State of Vermont: diagnosis and treatment of disease, education, counseling, nutritional therapy, naturopathic physical medicine (manual therapy), intravenous therapy, the prescription of natural medicines (herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutrients) and certain drugs. For more details, go to Section 4121 Items 8(A) and 8(B).

Non-covered Services

Non-covered services are costs for services which your insurance provider does not pay. HeartSong offers certain discounts if the cost of a non-covered service is paid at the time of service. This is called a TOS (time of service) discount and it allows you to receive non-covered services at a reduced rate. HeartSong also utilizes a variable discount fee policy based upon the federal poverty guidelines to calculate rates for the uninsured. You must inform your physician if you would like a discount prior to receiving a treatment so that your eligibility for the desired discount can be determined and you know of any financial liability prior to the service being rendered.

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Paying for non-covered services:

We accept cash, personal check or money order.

To protect you from credit card debt, we do not accept credit cards.

Payment may be sent by mail to:
36A Old Town Road
Putney, VT 05346.

See Fees and Discounts for more details.