Live life out loud

I must confess that I can get sentimental over just about anything. For example, I cry watching the Rose Parade at the thought of hundreds of people sticking thousands of flowers together one by one for as many hours to create those magnificent floats that will last probably only a few hours. Like the Tibetan tradition of creating sand mandalas only to let the wind blow them away, this type of creative expression opens my heart and reminds me of the incredible majesty of the human experience. I turn to a the song Someday, by Bob Thomas, whenever I want to remember this.

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Be Audacious

The word "audacious" means "invulnerable to fear or intimidation". To me, practicing naturopathic primary care in Vermont is all about living life audaciously. This is because, despite the forward thinking of the Vermont legislature, many of my primary care colleagues don't believe that I, as a naturopath, should be practicing primary care. I take my inspiration in this endeavor from Susan Boyle, a previously unknown singer from a tiny village in England.

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Sweet Honey for the Soul

Most of you have heard of the women's singing group Sweet Honey and the Rock. What you haven't heard of is what I have fondly come to consider Sweet Honey for the Soul. Omega's Institutes annual Labor Day Ecstatic Chant has come to be a staple of my annual spiritual diet plan, if you will.

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In-House Physician's Blog

I offer this blog in the hopes that some of what I discover about myself and the world while serving you, the people who choose to come to HeartSong, will be a source of personal support for you.

I hope it will encourage you to live an authentic life -- live fully and fearlessly, and celebrate who you are, exactly as you are.

Study yourself, learn what nourishes you, and then create a life that cherishes your individuality.

Ani Hawkinson ND