Your health is ultimately your responsibility. Successful treatment always depends upon you -- your accuracy in providing health information, your willingness to ask questions, your candor in expressing your opinions, and your persistence in following recommended guidelines. When you embrace your responsibility as the true protector of your health, you will be able to optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

HeartSong supports your journey towards optimal lifelong health in a variety of different ways -- Individualized self-care plans that you co-create with your personal physician, counseling, lifestyle guidance, medicines to correct imbalances, self-care education, self-management tools, online resources, and referrals to appropriate community service.

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Therapeutic Lifestyles

Therapeutic lifestyles promote health and wellness. Lifestyle modification programs are recommended by the National Institute of Health as the first line of therapy for a variety of common health problems. Therapeutic lifestyles also enhance longevity and improve health outcomes for future generations. HeartSong offers the Health For Life program, a personalized medically-supervised program that teaches you how to live in a way that improves your personal health.

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Personalized Nutrition

Each person is physiologically unique. Optimal nutrition for one will not be the same as it is for another. Personal dietary needs are also always changing. They vary according to time of day, season, age, geography, and level of daily activity and stress. Personalized nutrition involves learning to understand your unique nutritional needs and to eat accordingly.

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Stress Management

Many health problems today are due to the physiological effects of a prolonged stress response by your mind and body. The stress response is triggered by personal interpretations of what is happening around you. It is an experience that is created from within. This means that you have the power to improve your health by transforming your perceptions and utilizing daily practices to calm physical changes that may be triggered by perceived stressors. Different community education programs offered by HeartSong provide opportunities to experience and practice techniques that to promote relaxation and equanimity midst the changing and challenging circumstances of daily life.

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Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that refers to a discipline or practice undertaken to achieve a particular goal. In Yoga, it refers to a regular, preferably daily, practice for the purpose of attaining personal mastery and spiritual enlightenment. In integral health, care for your mind, body, emotions and spirit is your personal sadhana -- a daily practice of making health-promoting decisions throughout your day by choosing the right foods, engaging in the right types of physical activity, thinking thoughts that promote positive regards for yourself and others, getting sufficient rest, spending time with people who value health, and avoiding situations, substances, and people that harm or weaken you. Letting your life be your sadhana means that you choose on a daily basis to do things that enrich your personal well-being. This process of conscious living transforms your life.

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Here's what one person has to say about self-care at HeartSong:

"I've really enjoyed coming out to HeartSong, it's shifted my way of thinking when it comes to taking care of myself and using alternative nontraditional forms of health care. I didn't know that there were any alternatives before. I only knew about going to a hospital and taking aspirin and medicine and not knowing that there are alternatives.

Aaron Dall
Brattleboro VT

Everything is falling into place. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on things – food, shopping, sleep patterns. I feel more organized in my mind, I am able to get things done better at home and at work. I am much calmer, have more motivation, and don't feel tired. I feel like I can be a mother and work and not feel overwhelmed now.

Keri Roberts
Brattleboro VT